the story

Many of my readers are always asking me about me. If I have a story, where does the name come from, etc.

Heroin chic was a look popularized in mid-1990s fashion and characterized by pale skin, dark circles underneath the eyes, and jutting bones. The zero comes from quantum mechanics and how it is the lowest possible energy. In real life, I try to take the lives of my readers from negative to positive, and improve their possible low energy. Not only that, but my intentions have always been of being the heroine, therefore, I’m ‘that heroine chick.’ So, in conclusion, the name has more than one way of looking at it.

The blog started unintentionally. I wanted a way to express myself, a diary, a virtual scrapbook. In a manner in which I felt someone would read it and maybe relate. Just having the idea that someone out there is looking at my blog and feeling the same way is enough. I’ve been doing this since 2006 but I’ve never given my blog any kind of advertising so it’s magical how all my followers have had to find their way to it (or maybe someone recommended it to them).. But yes, I was just looking for a place to post all I like, enjoy, feel, and think. To my surprise, more and more people appreciated it.

Eventually, I started to let people know I was there for them, to give them any advice or help that they needed, to support them emotionally… so her0in chic is not only a blog, but a caregiving home. 

I feel really honored by each one of you that like my facebook page, or send me messages and/or comments. I’ve heard many times how I’m the one that has kept my followers going, or how I’ve even saved them. But all of you are the ones that keep me going. You are the ones saving me.

The reason why I don’t reveal myself is because I don’t do this for the fame and glory. I’d rather be recognized for what I do, instead of who I am. I can’t be a person that represents it. Because you see, her0in chic is you, and it’s me, your best friend, your enemy, and it’s everyone else that reads it and feels similarly. There’s her0in chic in every single one of us, even those around you that do not seem to understand you. We’re all together in this too, even if you don’t think so. Even if everyone around you seems so different, we all go through the same feelings. The happiest person you know, may be the saddest you’ve ever seen.

"I never sat down and decided to become a story.
I just wanted to tell one.
I never wanted to be thought of as special.
Just human.
I never set out to help people or make them feel better.
I just needed you because I felt alone.
I never wanted any credit for the way you feel.
I just want you to know.”

"What difference does it make after all? — Anonymity in the world of men is better than fame in heaven.
For what’s heaven?
What’s earth?
All in the mind.”

I love you all, thanks for always reading <3

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